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M O V I 



MOVI is thrilled to launch their MOVI BARRE TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM! Join Candace Hayden, Yoga, Fitness and Dance Instructor for this 25HR Intensive Training. Combining a dynamic mix of Yoga, Pilates and Dance, MOVI’s Barre Work explores strengthening, toning and sculpting in a safe and accessible way, as well as incorporating cardio intervals for a well rounded unique class. Our Barre Class thrives on the concept of diversity in body shapes and consistently challenging and changing choreography. 
Each class is catered to all levels by offering safe and effective modifications, but also a wide range of movement to push you to your edge. 
This 25HR Intensive Barre Training will explore anatomy training specific to Barre, 
specified Choreography to be able to create classes and the skills and tools to further your ability to create unique choreography. This training will demonstrate how to teach a safe and effective class, modifications for injuries past and/or present, comprehension of visual cueing and interaction with the class, and physical assists for Barre specific movements. Musical exploration will offer teachers in training the understanding of the elements of a smooth flowing class structure, creating consistency.
Gain the confidence needed to guide a bold Barre Class and offer students a space to flourish in physical movement, have fun and explore their body!


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M O V I 



MOVI 200HR Yoga Teacher Training.

Embark on the journey of sharing growth, passion and wellness with us. 


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